Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Dinner

This year, as it has been the tradition for our family gatherings recently, we went to a French 'auberge' called Auberge des Ris for our Christmas dinner. The menu was of course, rich, but as usual delicious.  As it normal at French Christmases, foie gras and wine were the staples of the dinner, which suprisingly extended from 13:00  to 16:00!

Here are the details of the meal:


Appetiser: Salmon slice garnished with creamed crab and basil mousse

Entrée: Foie gras in all its forms - foie gras soup with mushrooms and lentils, foie gras with pig feet, foie gras on a bed of apples, half-cooked foie gras and foie gras ice cream, all accompanied by fruit bread.

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