Friday, 27 March 2009


Today, the frog eggs have hatched! There were MILLIONS of tadpoles swimming around in the pond, and tons of jelly-ish empty eggshells. Apart from all the daffodils and the cherry tree blossoms, it really shows that spring is here. I'm happy now, because weather really affects my mood, and now that there is more sunshine, I am obviously far happier than in the 'bleak mid-winter' :-P. Anyway, I will take photos of the daffodils and the pond with its wildlife and submit it soon.
Keep posted!


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Due to common request.......

Due to common request from my class, today I will talk about.......nothing. I have absolutely no idea what to write, and well, U4 Aske haven't got any ideas either. However, our English teacher gave us a creative writing homework, so I will do a draft on here and see what you think. We have to write something about anything(well that helps!) that can be an essay or a poem. She also gave us 3 titles, but I'm not sure I want to do them. They are:

-The Visitor
-Family Memories

The only one that sounds ok is 'Blue', but then I don't want to end up doing something about water.... Tell me what you think; if you have a good idea, then I might use it... Last comment(actually, it's more of a complaint), if you, or anyone you know, drinks Orange Caprisun, ask to read the comment on the back. I tend to be a little OCD when it comes to spelling and grammar, and if you look carefully, you will see that instead of spelling peeling an orange with a double 'e', they spelt it 'peal'! Am I going mental over nothing, or is this an American spelling?
Oh well...


Sunday, 22 March 2009


Hi everyone!
This is my first blog, so over the next few weeks I will be looking at everyone's blogs for new ideas. If you have suggestions, feel free to tell me :-). I am French living in England, so that makes my life interesting! I also love creative writing, so please suggest themes, so I can do a piece of work and submit it. I swim a lot in my free time, and recently swam in a swimming competition after being ill all afternoon(not the best thing, believe me!). Anyway, I didn't do too badly, so it's fine. My blog doesn't have a theme yet, but I have many interests, so they will probably be a main part of it.
Keep posted,